Frigiliana, or Fragliana, as it is spelt on the tiles in the village, nestles high in the Sierra Tejeda, about 7 km inland of Nerja. An extremely photogenic cluster of whitewashed dwellings make up this pretty, enticing village, which has commanding views of the surrounding countryside.
The increase in tourism has seen a growth in the cafes and shops, and market day is extremely popular. Once occupied by the local population, it is now a flourishing expensive coastal overflow, with an ever increasing population of foreign owners, although it has retained its charm as a typical Spanish village. Inevitably, the Church is at the hub of the village, dominating a small central square, with whitewashed alleyways forming a maze branching outwards and upwards.A beautiful village well worth a visit, especially on market day.
Frigiliana is a place where everyone greets each other with a cheery Buenas dias or Hola; where you can expect your neighbors to come by now and then with a bagful of whatever fruit is in season. With only about 2500 people, it is a place where you get to know your neighbors and everyone looks out for each others children, who are free to walk the streets in safety.