Nerja Caves
Nerja's most spectacular attraction is undoubtedly the Nerja Caves located just three kilometres from the centre of town. They include archaeological treasures such as paintings over 20,000 years old and other pre-historic remains. One of the enormous natural caverns has been transformed into a concert hall, where many performances are staged during the summer. The cave centre is very well organised and able to cope with the huge amount of visitors it receives each year, including the regular coach trips.
You will find an informative visitors centre, a restaurant and bar, gift shop and well organised parking. There is also a play area for children. It will take you at least 30 minutes to explore the caves and tickets cost just 5 euros. The Caves of Nerja, National Monument, are a rocky formation of crystalline dolomites with more than 250.000 years of age, and one of the oldest deposits of the Solutrean culture in Southern Spain. Their capricious rocky formations can be likened to ModernistCathedrals, and their eight rooms.
The Room of the Cataclysm, with the biggest natural column in the world, 49 m. high and with a diameter of 18 m., as well as the Room of the Cascade, with capacity for a stage and 600 seats, where every year in August the Festivals of Music and dance take place. The caves were found on January 12th, 1959, quite by chance when five boys from Maro found a narrow access to a cave that, after having been inhabited for millennia in Prehistoric times, had been closed because of the shifting of the terrain. One of these children, Ayo , now has a beach bar on Biiano beach where his Paella is famously renown and has been enjoyed by many visitors to Nerja.
Opening times:
July and August 09.30 - 8pm
Rest of year 09.30 - 6.30pm

Length of the cavity: 7 219,28 m. of polygonals.
Levels spread: 67,95 metres 32,99 + 34,96
Total Surface: 35 484 m2
Total Volume: 264 379,33 m3